Aesthetic  Cosmetology

Unlimited opportunities to preserve youth and beauty!


Face Care


Clear Face Contour

Healthy skin color

Elimination of fine wrinkles

Price: from 8,500 KZT

Elastic skin


PRP therapy

Your own source of youth and beauty is PRP therapy. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP therapy) is a modern injection procedure for which your own venous blood is used, namely, blood plasma with the platelets contained in it, possessing rejuvenating and regenerative properties at injecting in skin of the face, body, scalp...


and healthy hair

Elimination of striate atrophy of skin and linear atrophy

Acne treatment



Face, neck and decollate skin


 Price: from 22,000 KZT


Ultrasonic SMAS-Lift

Is it possible to save youth or turn back time without the help of a cosmetic surgeon?! Skin tightening without incisions!? All this is possible! Revolutionary breakthrough in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation-ultrasonic SMAS lift. Only one procedure and visible effect of rejuvenation to several years...

Skin tightening


Eyebrow lift

Elimination of jowls

Sharp facial contours

Price: from 100,000 KZT



Mesotherapy is one of the most popular cosmetology procedures in the world. Intradermal injection of preparations, specially developed for this method, provides the expressed aesthetic result in a short time. And the effects that you can get after this procedure are very multifarious...

Body Sculpting with the best specialists in the city of Astana!



Treatment of acne and couperosis

Hair restoration

Cellulite treatment, Body Sculpting

Reduction  of striate (linear) atrophy and cicatrical skin changes

Elimination of shallow, superficial wrinkles

Moisturizing the skin and its nutrition, increase of elasticity

Price: from 7,000 KZT and above


Bipolar radio-frequency lift.  Viora reaction apparatus (Israel)

Radio frequency lift has earned the love of millions of women around the world due to its simplicity, comfort and high performance. Immediate, visible effect after the procedure is caused by warming up and reduction of collagen fibers of the skin. But the uniqueness of this method is due to the long-term effect of rejuvenation, even after the end of the course of basic procedures...

Skin tightening (lifting)

Cellulite treatment

Elimination of skin laxity

Elimination  of fat deposits

Facial contours sharpness restoration

Price: from 19,000 KZT


Elimination of mimic wrinkles

Do not be afraid to smile, to fight against wrinkles there is a remedy! Botulinum Toxin Therapy is an injection method of intramuscular injection of drugs on the basis of Botulinum Toxin for the correction of mimic wrinkles of the face and neck skin. The procedure is also well established in the fight against the high humidity of the skin palms and armpits (treatment hyperhidrosis)...

Eyebrow lift

Elimination of hyperhidrosis (sudoresis) of the skin of palms and armpits

Lift of the corners of the mouth

Lifting and narrowing of the tip of the nose

Elimination of mimic wrinkles

Elimination of

"Gingival Smile"

Price: 550 KZT per unit


Contour correction

With aging, the appearance of folds, pinches, wrinkles, various kinds of furrows on our face makes it no longer so attractive and of course does not add the outer youth to us. Correction of the expressed changes with the help of fillers (gels) on the basis of hyaluronic acid gives visible effect of filling and elimination of furrows and folds immediately after the procedure...

Elimination of deep wrinkles and pinches

Correction of tear trough, naso-buccal sulcus

Correction  of nasolabial crease

Lips volume expansion  (lip procedure)




 recess filling

Price: from 68,000 KZT



Neodymium laser "SPECTRA XT" – simple solution of complex problems! It is currently the most modern and universal laser. Differing in its reliability, multifunctionality and high efficiency in solving a huge number of cosmetology problems...

Acne treatment

Pore narrowing



Elimination of freckles


Removing tattoo

Treatment of skin redness

Price: from 5,000 KZT-35,000 KZT


Laser Biorevitalization (Vitalaser)

Laser Biorevitalization is the procedure of injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin of the face, neck, decollate with the help of athermic laser "Vitalaser". With its comfort, safety, painlessness and maximum efficiency, this procedure has conquered the hearts and faces of millions of women. Now and you can enjoy the procedure of Vitalaser in our center...



Skin radiance

Healthy brightness

 and velvetiness of the skin


skin tightening (lifting)

Price: from 11,000 KZT

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IPL therapy

IPL therapy (intense pulsating light). One of the latest scientific achievements of cosmetology, which offers everyone who wants to return their skin youth, a safe solution to problems relating to pigmentation, redness skin, growth of unwanted hair, acne...


Phototherapy of erythema

Acne treatment

Photo-lightening pigmentation, freckles

Photoepilation (removal of unwanted hair)

Price: from 3,500 KZT



"Bio"-natural, "re"-replenishment, "vita"-life. Injection into the skin of substances that restore its life potential, stimulating intradermal processes, improving the structure of the skin, not only the face, but also the body...

Skin rejuvenation

Skin tightening (lifting)

Skin moisturizing

Skin stimulation

Price: from 18,100 KZT


Fractional photothermolysis

Fractional thermolysis is a controlled, effective and safe way of rejuvenation, elimination of various cosmetic defects with the help of the laser, suitable for both withering and young skin. In order to conduct this procedure, our clinic uses the erbium laser of a German company with a worldwide name-Asclepion...

Skin rejuvenation

Pore narrowing

Small wrinkles


Skin tightening (lifting)

Post acne

scars removing

Price: from 25,000 KZT

PRP therapy



Hair restoration, laser resurfacing, removal of couperosis, mesotherapy, body sculpting together with the best specialists in Astana!


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