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Sclerotherapy ( Scleroobliteration)

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective and safe method of treatment of various forms of varicose disease. The essence of the method is injection of a special drug- sclerosing agent into varicose vein, which, under certain conditions, causes "bonding" of the patient vein, and it, in the future, completely disappears. For its performance use special thin needles or microcatheters. Sclerotherapy of veins of the lower extremities is a very effective, efficient, long-term solution to the varicose problem.


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and health of legs

Elimination of varicosity

Effective removal of varicose veins on the legs


 treatment of varicosity

Price: from 30,000 KZT


Laser treatment: enlarged vessels

For many patients, bluish-reddish vasorelaxation of blood vessels on the face and body are a great esthetic problem. Diode laser light is particularly well suited for the treatment of this pathology. When the laser is exposed to the skin, the light energy is absorbed by hemoglobin. As a result of this sticking the walls of the vessel occurs, and it ceases to function. The main advantage of the laser-irretrievable disappearance of formations, not entailing complications, the absence of scars and unpleasant sensations. Thanks to this method the patient gets successful and reliable treatment.

Removing telangiectasias


spider veins


of skin couperosis


face vessels

Removing "vascular stars" of the legs

Price: from 2,000 KZT


Laser treatment: hemangiomas

Bloodless removal of hemangiomas thanks to accurate laser energy. In the process of deep penetration of laser light the nourishing blood vessels are closed and the hemangioma disappears after the short recovery phase. In addition, laser treatment of hemangiomas reduces the risk of scarring, pigmentation and other complications to the minimum indicators, which is quite difficult to achieve using outdated techniques. The effect of the procedure is a wonderful cosmetic result.

Removing vascular moles


"portwine" stains

Beautiful skin


removal of hemangiomas

Price: from 5,000 KZT


Laser treatment: aphtha and herpes

Formation of regularly appearing aphthas and bubble rashes of herpes virus is possible very quickly and easy to stop with the help of diode laser light. Short laser irradiation prevents further appearance of skin rash, and also stimulates the process of recovery. Today, many people choose this method of combating herpes. Laser treatment is becoming more and more popular as it solves the problem in short terms and prevents possible relapses.

Treatment of herpes

Aphtha treatment


herpes forever


of herpes relapses

Price: from 5,000 KZT


Laser treatment: varicosity

The modern method of laser treatment of blood vessels is getting more and more widespread both abroad and in Kazakhstan. The essence of this non-surgical method of treatment of protuberant varicosities is the impact of laser radiation on the inner venous wall. In the place of laser exposure occurs compression of blood vessels due to thermal impact, as a result of which the vein in the future closes, thereby excluding from the bloodstream. After a certain period of time the closed vein completely disappears, which is confirmed by the ultrasound study. Thus, the laser method in respect of efficiency approaches the surgical method of treatment. Patient comfort and esthetic results of this procedure allow to use it successfully in our clinic!

Do not be afraid to take the first step towards beauty and health with "Tulip Medicine" and Register for treatment varicose with the best specialists in the city of Astana.

Health of legs

Quick and effective elimination of varicosity

Smooth gait

Laser treatment

of varicosity

Price: from 290,000 KZT


Aidar Tulegenovich Parmanov

Doctor of Highest Category, vascular surgeon from Astana


Education: Higher medical

  • Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy (1995-2001)
  • Internship program on specialty: surgeon on the basis of the Department of General Surgery in Semipalatinsk Emergency Hospital (2001-2002)
  • On the basis of Almaty State Medical Refresher Institute he passed courses of advanced training "Clinical angiosurgery. Retraining" – 312 hours (2005)
  • Ural State Medical Academy (2005)
  • Yekaterinburg – "Minimal invasive surgery of abdominal organs" – 72 hours
  • On the basis of Ural Medical Academy of additional education in Chelyabinsk – "Surgery of brachiocephalic vessels" – 144 hours (2006)
  • On the basis of Novosibirsk Medical  University of additional education-"Laparoscopic surgery"-144 hours (2008)
  • On the basis of JSC "Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Aid"-"Emergency care in case of medical emergencies in vascular surgery"-108 hours (2011)
  • On the basis of JSC "Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care"-"Oncology (chemotherapy, mammalogy) (adult, children's)" – 864 hours (2012)
  • On the basis of JSC "Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care" "Angiosurgery (X-ray surgery, interventional surgery od adults) " – 1080 hours (2012)
  • Almaty State Medical Refresher Institute.  Functional Diagnosis. Retraining – 864 hours (Ultrasonic Doppler examination) (2012)
  • 72 hours internship for treatment of varicosity and esthetic treatment of hemangiomas with diode laser (Germany) (2013)
  • Liver transplant-216 hours (South Korea) (2014)
  • From 2008 till 2014 he graduated from Fellowship at Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Lymphology of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Novosibirsk
  • Master class on laser treatment of varicosity in Germany. The city of Erfurt, in 2013
  • Master class in April 2016, in the United Arab Emirates on endovenous laser treatment of venous trophic ulcers of the lower extremities

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