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Meruert Ukhanova

I want to say a special thank you to the esthetician, Madina Ibraevna! My skin is as if reborn after your treatments! Especially after the massage! You are a great master of your business! I have been dedicated client of this center for seven years, I honestly admit I am in others, but I can say confidently that the Center of Cosmetology "Tulip Medicine" is one of the most elite in Astana. I like very much, friendly staff, high professionalism of specialists. Thank you for being there! Carry on!

To find a good cosmetology center in a new city, especially with my inquiries and after Almaty, in which this service is very developed, was my dream.

     And then after a few unsuccessful visits to other centers, I go to "Tulip Medicine". And since then, and it has been about 10 years, I am a constant, faithful client in love with my doctor Madine Ibraevna and the head of this institution, Aygul Klimovna.

     Thank you for your professionalism, sensitivity, understanding, personal approach and desire to help in any problem, for the joy that you give to your customers. For so many years I have never doubted in the need to abandon the services of the Center.

      I have never thought about what procedure I need, because I fully rely on the experience and professionalism supervising me Dr. Madina Ibraevna. Very much appreciate the content and quality of the procedures. It is also very valuable that you are constantly in search of new ways, apparatuses, procedures, and you are one of the first to own new knowledge in the field of cosmetology. I also want to thank the doctors Larisa and Asema...

Thanks to the staff for the high spirits and attention to the customers. Good luck, prosperity, optimism to You! Always yours, Zhanna A.

Zhanna Akhmetova

Zhanna Aubakirova

I am 37 years old and I am proud to talk about it. Because due to regular visits to the Center of Cosmetology and good genetics, I am given at least 10 years less:) How did I get there? I've never had a problem with my skin. And as anyway there was a need to visit a esthetician, I went on cleaning procedure 2 years ago upon the recommendation. Meeting a pseudo-esthetician I encountered a huge problem-my face was infected. I had a festering rash on my face. Since my face is my job, I was completely confused and upset, tried to hide it with a tonal cream, etc. Esthetician told me about intestinal infection and so on. This lasted for about three months, until I raised the alarm and I was recommended this Center. Having addressed there without losing any time, I immediately understood my mistake, here I have felt a professional approach and quality of service. My purulent acne was completely cured by an excellent doctor, Anella Beysenbaevna. Since then, for over two years I have been their regular customer. I love the service of the Center, always on time they will call, remind, and recommend exactly what you need. You can always write a schedule of visits for six months ahead, thus planning your timing, which for me, as a public person is very important!!! I recommend it! I appreciate and respect my beloved Doctor, my fairy of Beauty-Anella Beysembaevna! Good luck and prosperity to you!

My name is Albina. I visit your wonderful "Center of Cosmetology" and always remain satisfied with a professional work of a esthetician. I would like to express my great gratitude to your Center for high quality work and good service. I asked for help because of problematic skin on recommendation of a friend: Acne. My doctor-Gauhar Kytaybekovna Aytenova, many thanks to her, after the complex procedures that I received my skin looks just amazing! Gauhar Kytaybekovna is a super professional and a wonderful person. The administrators of the center are very nice and sympathetic girls, always greeted with warmth and a smile. The center itself is very cozy, comfortable, bright, and that is the most important - clean. After visiting your center not only the face, health, but also the mood improves.

Thank you so much!!!

Albina Shamurzina

Svetlana Kabylova

For the first time I have got in the "Center of Cosmetology" accidentally, that is, the location near the house, in the center, located on the Ave. Republic and I was lucky, because I have immediately came into the hands of a very experienced, charismatic esthetician-Karlygash Kismetovna! Now I am served in the Center on the Barayev Str. by remarkable doctor, Anna Sergeyevna, in my opinion, at the best esthetician of Astana! In total, I have been together with the "Cosmetology Center" for more than 10 years and our cooperation has grown into a strong friendship. Most of all I like that the staff of the Center love what they do, pleasant service, friendly atmosphere. All the doctors with whom I was fortunate to be closely acquainted during the procedures this time are professionals. Thank you for the beauty! Oksana Mikhailovna-Your massages are incomparable. You have "golden" hands!  I am very glad that there are still people in this world who want to help with all their heart and love their profession. Here, in this center you feel this aura of goodwill and friendliness. I wish you success and all the earthly blessings.

I have got to the Cosmetology Center by accident. The first time came to consult and immediately received an appointment card to doctor, Gulmira Rashitovna. She is a highly qualified employee who knows his business, explains all easily understood, polite and very pleasant woman. And now, for many years, I am a loyal and faithful client of this Center. Service, attitude, care, individual procedures, selected for me-this is all that I appreciate and I like this wonderful Center. Prosperity and success to you!

Umit Orazgalieva

Sholpan Igibaeva

For me "Cosmetology Center" has long been a native place. Here I come with great pleasure, because I know that there are highly qualified professionals who help to look dignified, confident and truly beautiful!

The choice of cosmetology services is huge-the center keeps up with the times-world novelties are instantly mastered and held at the highest level.

I especially want to mention Doctor-dermatocosmetologist, Salimova Nurgul Abdikadyrovna, possessing strong knowledge and skills in such delicate work. She has a gust of the needs of patients. She has excellent knowledge of all the nuances in her difficult work. Its constant increase of professional level arouses great respect. I go to her with confidence, knowing that this doctor will make every effort to help me stay joyful and satisfied with the procedures-as well as all my other patients.


For me there is only one place to care for the most expensive, that is in every person-for a face-and this is the Center of Cosmetology in Astana.

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