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Lymphatic Massage

Poor ecology, sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition – lead to slowing of the lymph current and accumulation of a large amount of toxic substances and decay products in the body. Lymphatic massage accelerates lymph current, both in vessels and in intercellular spaces, contributing to the removal of toxins as well as excess fluid from the body. This massage is indicated in varicosity of veins, oedemas, and cellulite.


6,800 KZT


Anti-Cellulite Massage

In the process of slimming metabolism rearranges,  already become habitual biochemical processes change, and as a consequence, subcutaneous fat layer thinner, the skin begins to hang unnatural folds, there is an effect of "orange" peel. Thanks to a well-done massage, fat is easier to get into the vascular channel and with the current of blood is delivered to where it will then be  disposed, that is-to the muscles. The massage increases muscle tone, and therefore their ability to oxidize fat. Therefore, we offer you a massage that will help prevent sagging skin and remove the

 "orange peel".



2,000 KZT


4,000 KZT


2,600 KZT

Full  (arms, hips, abdomen):

7,900 KZT



The Starvac procedure is hardware, vacuum-roller massage. It has all the positive effects of manual massage, increases skin tone and accelerates its renewal, stimulates blood and lymph flow, sculptures the contour of the figure, helps to lose weight, accelerates the withdrawal of toxins, increases muscle activity, has a significant anti-stress effect.




On the skin: lifts, restores elasticity, stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates, tones and nourishes, softens scar tissues, helps to eliminate striate atrophy.


On muscle tissue: vigorous massage is effective after physical activity, helps to relieve fatigue and pain, relieves muscle spasms, and stimulates blood circulation.


Systemic action: removes toxins, effective in the treatment of cellulite (up to the 3rd stage), allows you to get rid of "fat" places (breeches, body sides), decreases swelling, accelerates absorption of hematomas, stimulates lymph flow, improves and strengthens the contours of the body.


3,800-11,000 KZT



Everyone knows that there is no life without oxygen. It is oxygen, or rather its high concentration in the tissues of the body, is a source of youth and beauty. Oxygen Capsule Alpha OXY SPA saturates cells with oxygen, stimulates cell respiration, and activates tissue regeneration at the cellular level.

Indications for the procedure:


  • Weight reduction,
  • Reduction of turgor and tone of the skin
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Stress relieving
  • Sleep disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Increasing immunity
  • General rejuvenation of the body


2,500 KZT


Herbal SPA (Express)

This is a complex procedure, which includes express massage of the head, with the application of healing herbs-infused natural oils. Such an oil bath for hair will allow nourishing and moistening your hair. They will become more shiny and silky.


Combination of high oxygen concentration and herbal wraps on the whole body, complement each other, for the youthfulness and elasticity of your body.


5,950-7,000 KZT



The Phyto-Spa Express procedure, supplemented with a magical, relaxing massage with the use of oils and creams based on natural, healing herbs will give you a true delight. Professional hands of the master will make you switch off from everyday fuss and plunge into the world of relaxation. General therapeutic effect of Phyto-SPA procedures will help to strengthen immunity, increase efficiency, and relieve stress and fatigue. As from now luxurious hair and well-groomed body will become your business card!


11,700-13,800 KZT



For Body Sculpting and getting rid of excess liquid. Body wrap-fitness bandaging is carried out directly after the cleansing peel and lymphatic drainage effect of the hardware procedure with the use of the Starvac apparatus, which will not only withdraw the excess liquid from the cells well. But it also lifts and forms the contours of the body. After the procedure the skin becomes more tightened and elastic.


23,800 – 28,000 KZT


SLIM SPA (Express)

Gentle, but active peel will pleasantly clean your skin and prepare for further impact. Compressive wrapping will help the components of active masks on the basis of salts, mud of the Dead Sea penetrate more actively into the skin. Such impact will not only withdrawn excess fluid, but also tighten the skin and form a silhouette.


23 000 KZT


Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate wrapping is a marvellous procedure. Thanks to the valuable qualities of black chocolate, every woman can become irresistible.


It is a truly fragrant and pleasant procedure. It helps to relax and forget all the troubles. Chocolate wrapping has anti-stress properties. Chocolate contains a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements; chocolate wrapping makes the skin elastic, smooth and toned.


1,100 – 7,700 KZT



This is truly a paradise delight for your skin. Active ingredients of honey and milk proteins complementing each other, give your skin tenderness and deep moisturizing. Even after an active sunbathing, take this procedure and your skin will be silky and tender.


8,900 KZT


Consultations on proper nutrition

These are individually selected diet programs that will help you not only gradually and safely lose weight, be taught how to eat properly. But will keep you the weight comfortable for your forever!

Treatment of varicose, treatment of cellulite Astana in a short time!

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