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Diana Seylhanovna Shomanova

Education-Higher, GME (Graduate Medical Education).


  • 2005-2011, 2009 – KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, Specialty-Doctor-surgeon.
  • 2011-2012-Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University, qualification of the Doctor - General surgeon.
  • 2012-2015 - National Scientific Center of Surgery named after A.N. Syzganov, clinical residency on the basis of the Department of Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Microsurgery, specialization-Doctor-surgeon with a Course of Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery.
  • 2015 – Kazakh Medical University of Continuous Education, primary retraining in traumatology, specialty – Trauma doctor – orthopedist, combustiologist, including pediatric health care.
  • March, 2016-July, 2016 – Karaganda State Medical University, primary retraining in plastic surgery, specialization – Doctor-Plastic surgeon (Cosmetic surgeon).

Plastic surgeon from Astana


Customer Feedback



In August 2015, I was in the Plastic Surgery Center undergoing blepharoplasty made by Ilyas Samatovich. Before the surgery, I was called, be curious as to how to do things, in short all prepared responsibly and quickly to the operation. The surgery was easy, fast; I didn't feel any pain at all. And further everything went very well. Thank you all!


I heard about your center from my acquaintance who underwent surgery in your Clinic. After the first consultation the doctor was very well placed to himself, because he explained everything extremely clear and accessibly, paid a lot of attention to trifles, and this is important! I was very happy with the result of his work, it is incredible for me. I liked that the center is always clean and tidy, neat and friendly staff, polite Administrator.  The most important thing-there is an in-patient department and an anesthesiologist is always near after the surgery, feel safe. Thank you for your work, prosperity and further success to your wonderful center!


Blepharoplasty: 24.10.2016г.

A few years ago I thought about blepharoplasty, i.e. I wanted to have obvious eyelids, because by nature I had hidden them. From the acquaintances a sister and a friend underwent blepharoplasty, after I saw their eyes; I decided to contact your clinic to Diana Seylhanovna, who performed the surgery of my friend. I liked the result of my friend, and I turned to the same doctor. She made me europeanization of the upper eyelids. The result I have seen in 5-6 days, I liked everything very much.


Thank Diana Seylhanovna very much, she has "golden" handles, and as a person and as a doctor she is nice to me. Thank you to Administrator Nargiz, who is very polite and attentive. All the staff "Thank you"!!!


For a long time I wanted to do vaginoplasty, thought to apply to the Moscow Clinic to Dr. Marina Juvenalevna, but it did not succeed. I have recently learned that in Kazakhstan, namely in the clinic "Tulip Medicine",  this service appeared, I was very glad that our women can now take advantage of this procedure, without leaving Kazakhstan, as this method is popular in Europe, Russia and the Far East.


I had four births; the first childbirth was heavy, with ruptures, because of what I wanted to bring my perineum in order. Gynecologists advised me “colporrhaphy" surgery, but this surgery has a lot of negative reviews, loses sensitivity, very long, painful and severe rehabilitation period, plus I have a myoma, because of what I was afraid of consequences and anesthesia. Luckily I found an alternative surgery and decided to "thread vaginoplasty".


I appealed at the earliest to Diana Seylhanovna Shomanova, who made me vaginoplasty with lifting threads without incisions, and correction with Teosyal gel (Switzerland production) around the urethra channel to eliminate incontinence of urine. About 2 weeks there were unpleasant feelings, but I was ready for it. Now I feel like a beautiful, "full-fledged woman"!!!!


 After the surgery I by myself went home, everything passed quickly and without complications.




Huge thanks to Diana Seylhanovna for her professionalism and attention. A very good doctor, "a man of his own business", will support at any time and explain very competently all things. The receptionists and all the staff are very courteous and attentive. Good luck to you!!!!



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