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Acne treatment

Beautiful and healthy skin without rashes and redness is the dream of each of us regardless of gender or age. In our center dreams become a reality thanks to long-term experience of successful treatment of this disease. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards beauty and health together with "Tulip Medicine" and Register for treatment of acne with the best specialists in the city of Astana.

Acne treatment

Clean skin

Healthy skin

Elimination of postacne (spots, scars)

Price: from 3,500 KZT



To eliminate defects of face and body skin with the help of peel is quite safe solution. Thanks to the peel, the skin becomes youthful, radiant and fresh. It removes necrotic cells, increases tone and stiffness of skin, pigment spots and post-acne spots disappear. In our center, we are glad to offer you a variety of peel types for both rejuvenation and to solve various cosmetic problems of the skin!

Skin rejuvenation

Skin renewal

Skin tone and stiffness

Skin radiance

Pore narrowing

Removal of pigment spots, acne

Acne treatment

Price: from 8,700 KZT



Useful cold for beauty and health! Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen provides an effect on the skin chilled to low temperatures by liquefied nitrogen. The procedure allows removing various viral formations of the skin, to carry out the cryomassages of the skin of the face and body, scalp, which helps to reduce sebum of the skin, improve blood circulation, has a good anti-inflammatory effect.

Cryodestruction of warts


 sebum of the skin

Acne treatment

Healthy complexion

Improving hair growth

Price: from 500 KZT



Electrocoagulation is a method of impact high frequency alternating current on the skin. With the use of this procedure it is possible to successfully remove warts, moles and papillomas on the face and any other parts of your body.

Removing papillomas

Removing moles

Removing warts

Removing keratomas

Price: from 400 KZT


Treatment of verrucas planae

Verrucas planae is a dermatological disease that appears when infected with a certain virus and accompanied by the appearance small heights of bodily color on the skin. More often this disease appears in children, but it is possible the occurrence of disease in an adult condition. The most effective method of removal of skin manifestations of the disease is mechanical removal.

Clean skin

Treatment of verrucas planae

Healthy skin

Safe removal of verrucas

planae in adults and children

Price: from 400 KZT


Laser removal of tumors

Each of us wants to have a beautiful, even and healthy skin. Therefore, the appearance of various entities on it causes discomfort and anxiety. The removal of tumors by laser is a very common, effective and safe method of getting rid of this dermatological problem. The energy of the laser point-source affects the object being removed, destroying it without damaging the surrounding tissues. Precise laser technologies are also ideal for removing scars of different origins.




 injury rate of the skin

Fast removal of


Scar removal

Low risk

of side effects

Price: from 5,000 KZT


Removing moles and warts, as well as safety removal of papillomas! Register for a consultation with the best specialists in the capital.


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