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     Institute Laboratory Soskin-Paris is a cosmetic research laboratory located in a unique region with strong plant traditions, between the towns of Grasse and Nice, founded more than twenty years ago.

     The Institute Soskin-Paris has invested many works in clinical research and development of professional cosmetics, focusing on the medical approach, using high-efficiency advanced formulas. The effect of traditional cosmetic products of the line is based on the mechanism of passive, slow penetration of active substances into the skin, suitable as a means for sensitive skin.

     The laboratory Soskin-Paris uses the technology of encapsulation of pure active ingredients into the coat (microcapsules, liposomes), which increases the penetration of concentrated doses of substances in the skin and increases their effectiveness, because they are delivered and distributed purposefully.

 Soskin-Paris Laboratory is the first in the world developed and patented a unique way to encapsulate the extract of the GOTU KOLA (CENTELLA ASIATICA) plant in the highest concentration, which was not possible to reach anyone before. This development is actively used exclusively in the preparations of own cosmetic lines (Soskin-Paris, Helionature, Tom Robinn).


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